Express Collision Center

Our Commitment

The experience at Express Collision Center is a little bit different than your average trip to the body shop. Our customer is the vehicle owner-not the insurance company. The 2nd most expensive investment that a consumer makes is their vehicle. That vehicle is a complex machine built with multiple metals, layers of substrates, and a computer system capable of sending a spaceship to the moon.  All of those together make these automobiles safer than any car before them. The old saying “they ain’t built like they used to be,” well, that’s true, and that’s a good thing. If they aren’t built like they used to be, you don’t want them repaired like they used to be. At Express Collision Center, we use only the newest technology that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to properly repair your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. State of the art repair, state of the art service, that’s our guarantee to you.